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Hello reader. Browse my gallery and read such classic series such as the underwear judge and nerd hunt. Also try and keep up with more recent and on going series such as Killick's victims, Power Hungry, pantsing war and more along with other random stories that have no meaning X3 you could get lost in this gallery :D mwhahahaha



Dragons Asemble by amywedgie
Dragons Asemble
These are the mighty dragons

From Left to Right
Ariel (Sky Dragon), Kai (Thunder Dragon), Kendra (Water Dragon), Nick (Frost Dragon), Ying (Dark Dragon), Yang (Light Dragon, Gaia (Earth Dragon), Sera (Fire Dragon)
Ice Queen by amywedgie
Ice Queen
so after writing my recent story this character came out of no where. so originally was not meant to exist but she just popped into my mind. 

so i decided to quickly design her is kisekae and this is what i made. (might change)

name is Allison, name may change

update: hair colour changed from white to blue

update 2: changes to clothing
We find ourselfs at Jack's home, a home in very bad condition.
"Welcome to my home" Jack said.
"What a dump" Steph said.
"Gah!" Jack responded with his heart broken as he collapsed to the ground on his hands and knees. Steph ignored the silly man and jumped onto the bed.
"The bed is nice at least" Steph said.
"Right well I need to pop out and grab some things, I'll be right back" Jack said.
"Your just going to leave me here?" Steph questioned in confusion.
"Well yeah" Jack replied seeing nothing wrong with his actions.
"....." Steph sat in silence.
"....." Jack stared at Steph in silence.
"Whats up with this guy" Steph thought to herself.
"Well at least let me come with you" Steph demanded.
"Oh right, of course" Jack said. A Sweat drop ran down the side of Steph's face.
"What have I gotten myself into?" Steph asked herself.

They made their way to the store.
"Right wait outside, I will only be five minutes" Jack said. Steph just stared at him with a grumpy face.
"What?" Jack said in confusion.
"What ever, hurry up" Steph turned her back on him.
"Gah! Yes mam" Jack said as he slowly walked into the store with his head down in shame.
"Mommy what's with the zombie?" a little kid said.
"HEY KID! YOUR WITH THAT MAN AINT YA!?" a man yelled from a distance.
"Who the fuck's yelling at me now?" Steph said in anger as she just about had it with today.
"Are you listening to me girl?" the man said as him and his crew got closer to the girl.
"What do you want losers?" Steph responded.
"Are you with the guy who just walked into the store?" the man asked.
"Yeah what of it?" Steph replied in annoyance.
"We want you to come with us little lady" the man said as he reached his hand out to grab her. This caused Steph to remember something she had forced herself to forget.
"No, stay away" Steph said as she stuck her hand out and summoned purple flames from her hand.
"Woh, what the hell!" the crew said in fear.
"Walk away, or get burned. Your move, assholes" Steph said with an evil grin on her face.
"Let's get out of here boss" a crew member said and then they walked off.

Steph got dizzy afterwards.
"What just happened? I was just talking to someone right?" Steph said in confusion. Out of no where something began wrapping around her neck.
"Wh-what?" Steph said in confusion. She turned around to see Jack smiling at her. She then looked down to see what was around her neck and noticed it was a scarf.
"Y-you bought this for me?" Steph asked.
"Of course silly, thought you would be cold" Jack said as he placed his hand on her head. Steph's face then turned bright red forcing her to bury her face in the scarf.
"L-let's go home!" Steph shouted.
"Uhhhhhhh, ok" Jack said in confusion. Once they made it back home Jack realised he had forgotten something.
"Ah Crap! I totally forgot something! I will be right back Steph, here's the key. Don't let anyone in" Jack said and then rushed off back to the store.
"Such and idiot" Steph said and then let herself in.

Moments later the door was forced open.
"Woh what the hell!" Steph yelled in confusion.
"I believe you will be coming with us now" the man from before said.
"Like hell I am" Steph said in anger and created fire in both hands. Suddenly both her hands began to freeze.
"W-what is this?" Steph said on confusion.
"We hired the Ice Queen to deal with you" the man said as a blue haired women walked into the room.
"What a dump, you hired me to deal with this trash? Give me a break. Oh well, the moneys good" the Ice Queen said.
"Get out of here right now or am I gonna have to smack a bitch?" Steph said. Then her whole body was frozen.
"To easy" Ice Queen said. The ice started melting until Steph freed herself.
"Your Ice is no match for my flames" Steph said and then shot a fireball at the Ice bitch. She created a wall of ice stopping the attack. She then smashed the wall and shot the icicles at Steph. Steph's clothing was caught and she was pinned to the wall.
"Grrrrrrrr, let me fight you you bitch!" Steph yelled in rage.
"Be quite you trash" Ice Queen said and then stabbed her in the neck causing her to pass out.
"Did you just kill her!?" the man yelled.
"No stupid, I knocked her out. Now can we go and start phase two" the Ice Queen said.
"Let me just leave the note" the man said as he dropped a note on the floor and took the girl.

"Steph I'm back!" Jack said.
"That's strange, the door's smashed" Jack said in confusion. He then noticed a note on the floor and picked it up.
"If you want the girl, you know where to find us" the note read.
"Don't worry Steph, Jack's gonna save ya!" Jack said as he flipped his trench coat back and pulled out his two pistols before running out off the front door.
Devil's Den - Jack and Steph part 2

what will happen? what do those guys want with Jack? who is this Ice Queen?

find out next time
Listen to this while reading if you want


"Are you sure you wan't to face me? You can barely stand" Lance said glancing back at his new challenger.
"*Gasp* I wouldn't *gasp* be so sure *gasp* about that. I still have *gasp* one more ace *gasp* up my sleeve!" Rai responded.
"Very well *drops Ariel* then I will have to destroy you" Lance said as he turned to face the warrior as his eyes turned blood red. Rai looks at Ariel's unconscious body filling him with rage.
"You monster. Scum like should be erased from this good Earth!" Rai yelled.
"You don't even know the girl, what do you care?" Lance questioned in confusion.
"You wouldn't understand you heartless fiend!" Rai yelled as he grew his wings and flew towards the ninja. He separates his bow into two blades and starts attacking Lance. The ninja countered with a lightning claw out of nowhere. Rai managed to dodge by flying backwards.
"Bullet Barrage" Rai announced as a barrage of energy bullets rained down upon Lance.
"Lightning Torture" Lance announced as his body turned into streams of lightning and launched himself towards Rai. He would proceed by striking Rai in multiple places.
"Fire Fist" Lance announced after returning to normal covering his hand in fire and punched Rai in the face sending him flying.

"Prepare to die. Frozen Heart" Lance announced as he created hundreds of floating icicles around him aiming them at his foe.
"Shit" Rai said as he looked at what he was up against.
"Release!" Lance said as the icicles shot them self's towards the warrior.
"Sacred Treasure! Mech Armor Mode Engaged!" Rai announced as he covered himself in a suit of armor. He stood his ground as he took the attack head on. His armor was able to withstand the devastating attack. Once the attack ended Rai quickly flew into action as he flew towards the ninja at full speed.
"Meteor Fist!" Rai announced as his fist glowed with light energy.
"Chaos Storm!" Lance announced as he combined all elements into one huge attack and fired it at Rai firing a giant beam of elemental energy. The two connected with a giant clash.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh!!!!!!!" Rai yelled as he was determined to win. The sacred armor started showing signs of breaking.
"Just a little longer" Rai begged. He was able to overcome Lance's powerful attack and continued his attack towards the ninja.
"That's impossible!" Lance panicked. He was then met with a meteor fist to the face sending him flying. Once the attack ended Rai's sacred treasure broke into pieces leaving him to collapse to one knee.

"Well done. But enough is enough" Lance said as he walked back into the battlefield.
"Just stay down!" Rai demanded as he started shooting his arrows out of desperation. They did nothing. Lance then stopped moving for a moment and closed his eyes.
"Hell's Furry!" Lance said as he re-opened his eyes. He created water and splashed Rai with it and then quickly turned it into ice pinning him in the air. The ninja quickly followed it up by creating a spear out of darkness and threw it at his foe piercing him through the chest, breaking the ice. He then created an earth pillar under his feet propelling himself towards the warrior. He created lightning claws on both hands and sliced through his foe. He then bounced off of thin air and striked Rai again. He continued this as he continued to send him higher into the sky. He then grabbed him by the leg and threw him back towards the ground. He then summoned a lightning bolt from the sky which came crashing down on the falling warrior, quickly sending him to the ground. Lance would then end the attack by firing a giant fire ball at the ground, exploding on impact.

As the smoke cleared you could see Rai standing, covered in a white aura.
"Shiranui State!" Rai announced.
"Interesting" Lance said to himself.
"Destruction Beam!" Rai announced shooting a large amount of energy at the ninja above him. Lance was just able to dodge and shot a large amount of chaos energy at his foe. Rai easily deflected the attack. Lance quickly returned to the ground and would fire different elemental attack one after the after, all being deflected. Rai then fired another Destruction Beam which Lance dodged by jumping up into the air and then covered his hand in chaos energy as he slowly reached his foe from above.
"Lava Burst!" Rai announced with all his might as he created an explosion around him managing to catch the ninja in the attack. But the attack did not phase the demonic ninja as he still continued to fight through it as his skin would turn to ash.
"Ahhhhhh!" Lance yelled as he eventually managed to fight his way towards Rai and pierced his hand through his heart.
"G-ghh *coughs up blood* I f-failed" Rai said in shame as he collapsed to his knees.
"At least *cough cough* I died protecting someone" Rai said with a smile on his face.
"You thought well, but you were up against me" Lance complimented the brave warrior. Rai collapsed to the ground, passing away.
"I wish I could of avoided this, but you interfered with my mission" Lance said.

Out of no where the Queen appears.
"*yawn* Are you guys done yet? I'm getting bored" Amy said.
"Oh finally, only took bloody three hours. Jeez you guys are useless" Amy said after seeing the Sky Dragon's body.
"Who's this?" Amy asked after seeing an unknown warrior's body on the battlefield.
"An honorable and formidable warrior. He was impressive, but in the end, I won. I'll get the girl." Lance replied.
"You really think he was strong?" Amy questioned.
"He was worthy to die by my hand" Lance replied.
"Bring him back" Amy requested.
"As you command my queen" Lance said and then returned Rai to life.
"W-what's going on? W-who are you?" Rai questioned in confusion.
"I am the Wedgie Queen, or you can call me by my Earth name Amy. I have requested Lance to return your life" Amy said.
"Yeah I'll just stick with Amy. So I guess I should thank you" Rai said.
"Yes, you owe me your life. I wan't you to serve me" Amy said.
"Judging from the look on your face I don't have much of a choice in the matter" Rai responded.
"No, we could gladly kill you again if you wish" Amy said.
"Then I'm in" Rai accepted the offer.
"Excellent" Amy said with an evil grin on her face.
The Sky Dragon part 11
finally done o_o

hope you all enjoyed ^_^ now I can finally continue with power hungry -_-
"She's able to fuse with the damn thing!?" Lance questioned in shock. All of the sudden Ariel propelled herself off of thin air, shooting herself towards the ninja at full speed. She threw a punch but Lance blocked it with his arm.
"Heh, pathetic" Lance said. But suddenly the punch became stronger and eventually broke the bones in Lance's arm.
"Ahhhhh!" Lance yelled in pain. He quickly backed away as he tried to heal his arm. Ariel continued attacking at close combat as she flew in with a diving headbutt. Lance dodged but was quickly met with rapid kicks to the gut sending him higher into the air. Ariel released a huge amount of air from her hands shooting Lance into the sky. She then attempted a flying headbutt once again. Lance was just able to move out of the way but was again met with a rapid onslaught from Ariel quick strikes all over his body.
"Enough!" Lance yelled as he forced his bones to shoot out of his body, creating a good defense and offence. He then quickly spun around hoping to cut through the dragon's skin but her scales were to strong and had little effect on her. Ariel then let out a mighty roar and manged to grab hold of two of the bones sticking out of the ninja's body stopping his attack. Then with all of her might she managed to yank out the two bones from his body and then proceeded by stabbing him in the shoulders with them.
"Gaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" Lance yelled in extraordinary pain. Lance countered by striking her with a lightning claw, halting her momentum for the time being.

Lances left arm had finally recovered and he pulled out his own bones that he was just attacked with. He then fired a huge beam of light from his hands. Ariel would attempt to dodge by flying upwards but Lance followed her with the attack like a laser beam. Ariel then changed her direction and flew towards Lance as she flew around the attack. Lance then fired another light attack which attack like little homing missiles forcing her to change course. Lance then canceled his first attack and prepared for his next one. Ariel noticed this and decided to try and turn the ninja's attack against him by flying at him once again.
"Heh, she fell for it" Lance smirked. He opened up his ribcage and extended them towards Ariel pinning her in place
"What kind of attack is this?" Ariel struggled to escape.
"Game over" Lance said with delight. In the center of his chest there was an energy source building up as the previous attack was about to land.
"Chaos Stream!" Lance announced as he released a large amount of chaos energy from his chest hitting the target at the same time as the missiles.

Lance retracted his ribcage and waited for the smoke to clear.
"Dragon Burst!" Ariel yelled as she created a giant explosion around her. She shot herself out of the explosion and attacked Lance head on. The two would exchange blows for a solid 5 minutes as neither one would get tired. Eventually both attempted delivering the final blow.
"Dragon's Claw!" Ariel announced as a large amount of wind and little bit of lightning formed around her hand.
"Lightning Claw!" Lance announced. Both attack clashed sending the two flying.
"Storm Dragon's ROAR!" Ariel announced from above as she charged up her final attack. Her scales glowed and the clouds became storm clouds. As soon as lightning struck she released a giant breath of fire, strengthened by the wind and covered in lightning.
"Magnificent" Lance said as he stared down the dragon's fury with psychotic eyes and arms open. The attacked forced Ariel to return to normal, covered in scars and burnt marks. As the smoke cleared you could still see Lance but with part of his face burnt off and parts of his clothing missing.
"What in the world, is this guy immortal or something?" Ariel questioned in fear.
"It's time to end this" Lance said as he pulled out two scythes and propelled himself towards the dragon. Ariel created two huge wind discs and threw them at the ninja one by one. Lance deflected them with his scythes and then launched one of his scythes at Ariel. This scythe was attached to a chain allowing him to control its movement wrapping the girl in the chain and then stabbing her in the back.
"Ahhhh!" Ariel screamed in pain.
"Thunder Clash!" Lance announced as he striked the girl with his second weapon covered in lightning. For a moment their was silence but then a lightning bolt came crashing down from above followed by loud thunder. Ariel would eventually pass out in defeat.
"It is done" Lance said as he put the girl on his shoulder and returned to the ground.

"Great" Lance sighed to himself.
"Put the girl down now or suffer the consequences!" Rai demanded aiming his bow at Lance's back.
The Sky Dragon part 10
Woo! Finally continued this.

ariel has been captured but their is 1 more obstacle to go through before she can be given to the queen.

the final battle begins
If something is marked with an "X," it means that "Never have I ever" done that thing.


[ ] Never have I ever kissed a girl.
[ ] Never have I ever kissed a boy.
[ ] Never have I ever received/given a blowjob, hand job, eating out.
[ ] Never have I ever had sex.
[ ] Never have I ever fallen in love.
[X] Never have I ever cheated on someone.
[X] Never have I ever been cheated on.


[ ] Never have I ever gotten into a fight.
[X] Never have I ever done something illegal.
[ ] Never have I ever gotten wasted.
[X] Never have I ever used an illegal drug.
[ ] Never have I ever snuck out.
[X] Never have I ever stolen something.
[ ] Never have I ever vandalized something.
[ ] Never have I ever lost a family member due to death.
[ ] Never have I ever been in a life or death situation.
[X] Never have I ever been arrested.
[X] Never have I ever been fired from a job.


[ ] Never have I ever been kept up at night due to guilt. 
[ ] Never have I ever laughed so hard I cried.
[X] Never have I ever been abused physically.(not that I recall)
[ ] Never have I ever cried myself to sleep.
[X] Never have I ever wished that I was someone else. (I've wished I was something else not another person)
[ ] Never have I ever wanted to kill myself.
[ ] Never have I ever tried to kill myself. 
[ ] Never have I ever felt like an outcast.
[ ] Never have I ever wanted to do something just so I would fit in.(regretted it)


[ ] Never have I ever ruined my friendship with someone.
[X] Never have I ever been kicked out of a friend group.
[ ] Never have I ever wanted to fuck one of my friends.(>///<)
[X] Never have I ever been friendless.(I guess...)


[ ] Never have I ever failed a test.
[/] Never have I ever cut class.(well I've walked out of class, not sure if that counts :/)
[ ] Never have I ever had to eat alone.(to often)
[X] Never have I ever failed a course.
[X] Never have I ever been suspended.
[ ] Never have I ever received detention.
[X] Never have I ever dropped out of school.
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Hey peoples my name is Amy.
If you want to read embarrassing storys and just random storys with wedgies, pantsings and any other way of exposed underwear then you have come to the right place. I hope you like what you see and are here to continue reading my storys :).
I am at college so spareing time for everyone becomes a real challege atm. I try my best to keep people up to date and try to write at least one story a day/week.

If you really feel like it you can add me on facebook. I don't use it tho. And its not my real name :P

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