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Hello reader. Browse my gallery and read such classic series such as the underwear judge and nerd hunt. Also try and keep up with more recent and on going series such as Killick's victims, Power Hungry, pantsing war and more along with other random stories that have no meaning X3 you could get lost in this gallery :D mwhahahaha





dont you just hate it when people decide to just stop talking to you and treat you as if you never existed? i do, and it fucking pisses me off. its just immature and shows that your a bad person
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i've reached 400. oh my god D: i dunno what to do. thank you everyone <3
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"While we wait for Killick to return we should come up with a battle strategy" George suggested.
"Agreed" Rai said. Suddenly a giant explosion was heard alerting all court members in the court room.
"What the hell was that!?" Leo said. Everyone quickly left the court room to see the commotion. They noticed a giant hole blasted through the front entrance, and a girl standing there.
"Well well well, I finally found you, power" Chloe said with a crazed grin on her face.
"I take it that's her?" George questioned.
"Aye" Emma replied.
"Give me all your.......POWER!!!" Chloe screamed as she released a serge of lightning from her body. Emma quickly jumped in the way and attempted to absorb the attack. Chloe leaped into the air to attack Emma but was intercepted by the Paladin as he pierced his lance through her stomach and drove her into the ground.
"Well that was easier than I thought" George said in relief.
"Oh really?" Chloe said with a grin on her face as she morphed her body into the ground. She appeared behind Emma and stabbed her in the back.
"Ahhhhhh!" Emma screamed in pain before passing out.
"Emma no!" Amy yelled in fear, before she knew it she teleported towards the crazed bitch and kicked her in the face.
"My Que- Amy get out of there!" George panicked. Chloe's jaw was dislocated but in an instant it fixed it self. Chloe then punched her with a metal fist sending her flying through a wall.
"SHIT!" Alexis panicked as she left the battle to check on Amy.

"How fucking dare you!" Leo yelled as he fired a giant blast of fire at Chloe. Once the attack ended there was no body to be found. Multiple Chloe's then started to appear around Leo.
"Watch out Leo!" Rai said as he flew towards the demon and pushed him out of the way.
"Die" all Chloe's said in a faint voice as they went to stab Rai.
"Lave Burst!" Rai announced causing an explosion around him, destroying everyone around him.
"Hehehehe" Chloe laughed as her real body came out of the ground and stabbed Rai through the chest.
"Gah! To be defeated by cowardly tricks" Rai said as he collapsed to the ground. George charged in but was quickly put to a halt as he was unable to move his body.
"Grrr! Gravity" George said in frustration. Chloe's eyes changed as if she was analysing George.
"What!? There's no way she could have copied my power in that short amount of time.
"Oh no, I happen to of faced someone with a similar ability, it is able to show me someones weak spots" Chloe explained and then summoned shadow arms to attack the Paladin. They grabbed onto parts of his armor and began to pull, slowly ripping his paladin armor apart.
"T-that's impossible" George panicked as he was soon exposed.
"Without this armor your just a pathetic little man, your better off removed from this world" Chloe mocked the Paladin.
"I wont let you!" Leo yelled as he created a fire whip and wrapped it around Chloe's leg. He then proceeded by lifting her off the ground and throwing her into multiple objects. Chloe appeared unphased and shot a beam of lunar energy at Leo.
"This bitch is fucking insane..." Leo said to himself before collapsing to the ground. George coward in fear without his armor. Chloe used gravity to pull the weakened man towards her and then threw him through a wall.

"The Queen's court? What a bunch of weaklings" Chloe said in disappointment. She picked up on a scent, a large source of power, similar to the Water Dragoon's.
"Power" Chloe said in a lustful tone. She entered the room a found an unconscious girl.
"The Sky Dragoon" Chloe said as she reached out towards her. Suddenly a lightning bolt came crashing down through the roof destroying a lot of the palace.
"Don't you dare lay a finger on my friend!" the stranger demanded.
"Who the fuck are you!" Chloe said in rage.
"The names Kai, Kai the Thunder Dragoon" Kai introduced himself while doing a funny pose.
Power Hungry Episode 11 - Attack on HQ part 1
hey i havent done this series in a while so here you go

Kai's debut yays! been struggling to think of a way to introduce him.
hello agains, im here to ask for a request. any one who uses kisekae would like to see one of their females characters in my first attempt at a comic could you please note me an export, thank you :3

also tell me how they would react in an embarrassed state >:3
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dont you just hate it when people decide to just stop talking to you and treat you as if you never existed? i do, and it fucking pisses me off. its just immature and shows that your a bad person
  • Mood: Tired

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Hey peoples my name is Amy.
If you want to read embarrassing storys and just random storys with wedgies, pantsings and any other way of exposed underwear then you have come to the right place. I hope you like what you see and are here to continue reading my storys :).
I am at college so spareing time for everyone becomes a real challege atm. I try my best to keep people up to date and try to write at least one story a day/week.

If you really feel like it you can add me on facebook. I don't use it tho. And its not my real name :P

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