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Hello reader. Browse my gallery and read such classic series such as the underwear judge and nerd hunt. Also try and keep up with more recent and on going series such as Killick's victims, Power Hungry, pantsing war and more along with other random stories that have no meaning X3 you could get lost in this gallery :D mwhahahaha





who wants to be in a recent idea of mine that is based of hunger games?

i was orginally going to use my characters but i thought it would be more fun if i could use some of you guys instead. only amy will be in there from me everyone else is welcome but as a warning you may be humiliated or killed pr both which evers worse

just tell me who you want to participate (you or an OC) and tell me the undies you would be wearing and personality stuff so i can try and write your lines
"I challenge you all so called wedgie queen" Allison said.
"Huh? Who the hell are you?" Amy questioned as she gave her a blank stare.
"Grrrrrr, i am the legendary Ice Queen, I am very well known around these parts!" Allison responded in anger.
"ok ok ok jeez chill out...I'm so sorry you had to just witness that.." Amy apologised.
"Wow, really? Ice jokes? It's been less than a minute" Allison stared at Amy in shame.
"I don't know what came over me, it's been a while" Amy said.

"Enough of that, face me" Allison said as she swung her sword from a distance releasing a wave of ice.
"Fine" Amy sighed as she dodged the attack by teleporting.
"Hey! Where you go?" Allison said. She reappeared behind her and kicked her in the butt, catching her off guard.
"Oof" Allison blushed as she rubbed her behind.
"You will pay for mocking me" Allison said as she would swing her sword widely at her opponent. Amy easily dodged each attack and refused to take her hands out of her pockets. She then ducked down and tripped Allison up.
"Gah" Allison blushed.
"You done yet?" Amy yawned.
"That's it!" Allison yelled as she started creating multiple ice ramps near enough encasing the city in ice. She then jumped onto the ice and started skating. She picked up a lot of speed and would try piercing through Amy but she would dodge each attempt.

"Ok enough is enough" Amy said as she removed her hands from her pockets and teleported in front of Allison catching her off guard. She kicked her in the face and then placed her hand on her shoulder telporting them.
"Huh why can't I move?" Allison questioned din confusion.
"That's because your twenty feet off the ground hanging by that cute dress of yours" Amy explained.
"Oh...Wha wha what!" Allison instantly blushed as she looked down to see that her dress had risen up so high that everything below her chest could be seen, exposing her blue and white stripped panties.
"Eeeeeeeeeekkkk! Get me down from here please, I'm sorry for challenging you just let me cover myself" Allison cried.
"Hahaha how the queen has fallen. There's only room for one queen is this town" Amy said.
"But but but you can't leave me like this" Allison said in fear.
"Watch me" Amy said as she disappeared.
"A-Amy?" Allison panicked. Then suddenly people noticed her hanging from the back off her dress, nearly fully exposing everything.
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" the Ice Queen cried as she was stuck in this humiliating position.

You could say that she was......FROZEN..........I'm sorry........
Wedgie Queen vs Ice Queen
felt bored. I just pictured Allison in this sort of embarrassing position. was originally going to be by her undies but i figured hanging from the sort of dress she wears would expose near enough everything, including her cute panties :3
sorry i havent been around lately and now im so far behind of everything i dont whats going on ><

feel free to chat with me, ill try to reply
"Welcome back to UW! As we get to watch our amazing women for another week!" Commentator 1 introduced.
"Last week we left on a dark note Terra destroyed her friend Renee in their title match" Killick said.
"It certainly left a lot of questions" Commentator 2 said.
"Hold I think something is happening backstage" Commentator 1 said.

~backstage in the GM's office~
"Oh hello come in I wanted to talk to you" the GM said to an unknown person. The Gm then walked off screen.
"Wait what are you doing!?" the GM said in fear as we suddenly hear the sound of punching.
"Ahhhhhhh!" The GM screamed as we then heard the sound off clothes being ripped. The camera then turns to the GM stripped down to her pink bra and panties hanging by her underwear.
"Oh my god! Help we need some help!" a voice shouted.

"What the hell just happened, our poor GM being humiliated on TV" Commentator 1 said in shock.
"Who could do such a thing?" Killick questioned. Suddenly Terra's music hit and she made her way to the ring with a microphone in her hand.
"Are we going to get some answers?" Killick said.
"So. A lot of you are probably wondering why I did what I did last week to Renee. Well why the hell do I have to explain anything to you losers? It's none of your fucking business. Does it really matter anyway? I can be as physical as I want to her seeing as she heals faster than the normal person. I wasn't expecting to injure her, I figured she was tougher than that but instead I sent her home crying. Awwww does the baby have a boo boo? Ha, if you want to play in the big leagues you need to be tough, there's no friends in a championship match where everything is on the line. I just simply taught her lesson. Come back when your going to take this seriously, you ignorant bitch" Terra said and then dropped the mic and walked out of the ring.
"Well, damn!" Commentator 2 said.
"I'm speechless" Commentator 1 said.
"She's doing what a champion should be doing. Doing everything she has to to retain that championship and I respect her for that" Killick said.

"Well moving on we finally know our main event for tonight. It's the final match of the Tag Team tournament. It will Seasonal Fragrance vs the Speed Demons." Commentator 1 said.
"The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, accompanied by Holly and Frank, she is one half of the Cheerleaders, Sophie!" The announcer announced as the Cheerleaders did their routine and made their way to the ring as the crowd cheered.
"And her opponent, Rachel" The announcer said as the crowd booed.
"Oh great its the traitor" Commentator 1 said.
"She simply got rid of the dead weight" Commentator 2 defended her.

"Ding ding ding!" the bell rang and the match started. Sophie started to clap her hands together getting the crowd to clap along with her until the two tied up. Sophie surprisingly managed to overpower the tall Rachel and hot her in a headlock. Rachel then tried picking her up but Sophie managed to maintain the headlock. Rachel then pushed her off towards the ropes forcing Sophie to bounce off them but then ran into a big boot. Rachel didn't stop their as she jumped up into the air and delivered a elbow drop and then went for a pin.
"1,2.." the ref counted until Sophie kicked out. She managed to make it back to her feet and went for a punch but Rachel managed to duck and use her momentum to turn her around and then lifted her skirt up fully exposing her purple panties that blended in with her cheerleading outfit. She screamed in embarrassment and quickly pulled her skirt back down. Out of frustration she went for another punch but missed again, this time she was met with a knee to the stomach and found her head placed under Rachel's arm. She lifted her up into the air and over head as she slammed her to the ground. Rachel then started taunting the crowd until suddenly Bethany came running down to the ring and caught Rachel off guard she took her to the ground forcing the ref to ring the bell.
"And your winner by DQ, Rachel" the announcer said as the two former tag partners brawled in the middle of the ring. They exchanged blows as they make back to their feet. Rachel shoves Beth towards the ropes, trying to escape but Beth uses the momentum to to catch Rachel and wrapped her arms around her and then delivered a Side Effect. The crowd cheered as Beth turned her former friend onto her stomach and then picked her up placing her head inbetween her legs and pointed down towards Rachel's butt. The crowd cheered louder as She grabbed the waistband of Rachel's tights but she manged to escape and slither out of the ring leading the the crowd booing.
"Nuh uh, it wont be that easy" Rachel said as she backed up the ramp.

"Hold it hold it hold it!" Killick said into a microphone catching the attention of the two ladies.
"It seems like you two want to humiliate one another. Well then as the GM is currently out of commission I guess allows me to make some matches. I think we all want to see someone get humiliated, so later tonight you two will compete in a....bra and panties match!" Killick announced.
"OH MY GOD YES!" Commentator 2 shouted in excitement as the crowed cheered.
"And the winner gets to give the other a wedgie in the middle of this ring!" Killick added.
"I can't believe my ears, we are getting a bra and panties match tonight" Commentator 1 said in excitement.
"I can't wait!" commentator 2 said. We then cut back to the GM's office as the GM is being helped down from her hanging wedgie but she is out cold. An investigation has began.

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Hey peoples my name is Amy.
If you want to read embarrassing storys and just random storys with wedgies, pantsings and any other way of exposed underwear then you have come to the right place. I hope you like what you see and are here to continue reading my storys :).
I am at college so spareing time for everyone becomes a real challege atm. I try my best to keep people up to date and try to write at least one story a day/week.

If you really feel like it you can add me on facebook. I don't use it tho. And its not my real name :P

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